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State-Local Partnership Program Account

Intent or Criteria:   Funds shall be available to eligible transportation projects nominated by an applicant transportation agency.  A dollar for dollar match of local funds shall be required for an applicant transportation agency to receive state funds under this program.  Funds will be allocated by the California Transportation Commission (CTC), upon appropriation by the Legislature and subject to such conditions and criteria as the Legislature may provide by statute, over a five-year period to applicant transportation agencies.  A dollar for dollar match of local funds is required for applicant transportation agencies to receive funds under this program.

List of Approved Projects

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Guidelines : Click to view Guidelines (pdf)

Administrative Agency :  California Transportation Commission (CTC)

Recipient Agency :  To be identified in conjunction with program adoption.

Accountability Plan :  The three-part accountability structure for this program, required by Executive Order S-02-07, will be identified in conjunction with program development activities.

Accountability Plan : State Local Partnership Program - Accountability Implementation Plan (pdf).